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Saturday, July 28, 2007
ob-la-di, ob-la-da

um, so i've been kind of forgetful lately. i mean, normally i'm what most people would call "absent-minded", so a little bit of forgetfulness is normal. the kind where you go into the kitchen and then realize you have no idea why you went in there to begin with. that's pretty normal. but lately my forgetfulness has reached new levels of ridiculousness.

so for the past two weeks, there's been a funny smell in our kitchen near the dishwasher/sink/oven area. kind of a rotting garbage, something died somewhere, flesh-rot smell. i went away for one of those weeks and forgot about it, but my dad went insane trying to figure out where the horrific smell was coming from while i was away. he ended up thinking that it was the sinks, since the dishwasher's been backing up and he thought some of the rank dishwater has been pooling somewhere in the pipes. he sprayed everything w/chlorox and that solved (masked) the smell for a while.

last night i was in my room and i heard him doing the sniff test thing where he walks around sniffing loudly to signify he can smell something and i should come out and identify/clean whatever he can smell because he doesn't want to look for it. i dismissed it as he's going senile and ignored him. until i heard 'what the hell?!'

apparently (well not apparently, actually), i had left a once-frozen, now-mush, lasagna in the oven for about two and half weeks. we don't use our oven in the summer because it's too hot, but i had wanted lasagna and had started to defrost it in the oven for a bit and then i guess i got distracted. the lasagna had molded into a black mush and the smell was enough to melt flesh*.

as a result, we got to use the cleaning cycle (the one where your oven burns itself for hours and you get to use the lock on the front) of the oven for the first time.


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aside from the poor quality of the bottom picture, making it seem like it was taking mid-80s, only FOUR years passed between the bottom and the top and i'm pretty sure jeremy looks like he went from fifteen to thirty-seven. no wonder when he attended my dance show, the guy next to him asked if his SON was dancing in the show.

*i just like using the word flesh today.

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