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i have a boyfriend/husband named nathan who loves video games. we get along great. about 7% of the time. any percentage greater is purely a curious statistical anomaly.
aww i love nate!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

so i dont like to write about work too much, just cause its not kosher (or something).. but i couldn't resist.

sometimes i have a bit of down time or just time when i'm doing basic tasks where i get bored pretty quickly and my mind starts wandering. there's not too much in the office to keep my interest or that's good to daydream about... from my desk i can see (1) the printer - not exciting; (2) the mailboxes, but i'd have to turn to the right three quarters of the way around - and plus, they're not worth they effort; and (3) about two feet of the top part of the far tannish greyish blah wall - terrible.

anyway, the point is that today i got lucky and happened upon two words that gave me material for at least 20 minutes, if not more. and i'm still thinking about is, so that's like HOURS of entertainment. don't judge too harshly, remember what i was working with. those amazing two words of inspiration were: LOBSTER GRAM!

lobster gram! the name of a company specializing in... what else? lobster grams! like a telegram, but with lobster! originally i imagined the singing telegrams.. but with people dressed up like lobsters, singing sea shanties. but nate squashed my creativity only to find out that they actually do send lobsters in the mail... alive! "the fastest way to send a lobster"

ahhh, the things that amuse me.

in other animal-related news, jeremy sent me this news story: "rampaging rooster attacks girl".

"Rockadoodle Two had knocked the 27-pound girl flat on her belly and was pummeling her with beak, claws and blue-black wings.

"He was beating the crap out of her," said her mother, Lori Current, 27. "A freaking rooster, you know?"

hah. the whole story is hilariously written (aside from the fact some poor kid got her ass kicked by Rockadoodle).

"[Rooster rampaging] does not appear to be epidemic," said Tarpon Springs Police Sgt. Jeffrey Young."


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Saturday, June 16, 2007
science barge

i know i'm not usually the type of writer who actually ties my entries into real life things, but this time i couldn't resist:

the science barge
"New York Sun Works believes that our city's rooftops are the key to fighting pollution and rising energy and food costs, with enough square footage to grow all the vegetables our city can consume. They created The Science Barge as a floating classroom to teach about sustainability and hydroponic gardening. They 'grow food in the city with no carbon emissions, no water use, and no waste stream'." via Apartment Therapy

but really - how cool is that? that all of NYC's produce could be grown w/o ANY CO2 emissions and supplied from rooftops?! if only it didnt take like 20 years for anything to be implemented...

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
heeeeey ya. heey ya.

i have so much to write about!! but so much i should be doing instead of writing!! what to do, what to do. ok, here's a quick and dirty (one of my most hated expressions) list of what's up:

1. recital weekend
2. started internship
3. i can do this:

but seriously. that's my hand. HOLDING MY TOE. BEHIND MY HEAD. i found out i could do it the other day! so exciting!! much more exciting than either of the aforementioned events. my #1 (ok maybe #2 next to seeing nate at some point) goal this summer is to improve it so it looks more like this:well not quite that because i would have to remove some vertebrae and hip joints, but you get the picture. and yes i did just post some other girls picture creepily on my journal. get over it. or i will hold my foot behind my head and try to be cool.

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