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i have a boyfriend/husband named nathan who loves video games. we get along great. about 7% of the time. any percentage greater is purely a curious statistical anomaly.
aww i love nate!

and as our story progresses, you may wonder who i'm talking about.

aside from courageous nathan, our main characters include:
oh. and i teach dance and like accounting. the end.

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Friday, May 25, 2007
an open letter to m. nature

dear mother nature,

where was my 2-week notice? where was spring's eviction? is this how it works now, with you just letting summer start and rushing forward without giving us any notice at all? i'm sick of dealing with your bipolar tendencies - hot one week, cold the next. give me an even-temperatured week and i'll declare that you're sane.

for example, 'spring' semester you taunted us with that nice week of weather in the beginning of march. daylight savings time started and we thought all was well (hey, its light out earlier! i feel my depression lifting). then bam! more snow! a fking blizzard! why not?

wtf was that about?

and you're so undependable! when i got out of school and had a two-week "break" before i start work, you were nice, welcoming me on my drive across the state with sunny, 65 degree days and pollen-free rainbow roads. i got my hopes up and thought, this will be nice. you just like to prove me wrong and crush my spirits, you b*tch. its not supposed to frost at the end of may! its almost june for crying out loud!

but wait - you're saying that you remedied the cold? yeah, only with days like today where the sun melted the skin on my face clear off, only to be held on by the thick blanket of humidity. oh thank you SO much. i bet we just transition into this crappy hot weather without a pause in the nice 70-80 days. where were those days, tell me please, where was our "spring"?!

and now it looks like thunderstorms for memorial day weekend.

i think you're finally losing it, you old spiteful hag. completely nutso (or 'nutsack', as nate would say).

love, cait

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
so saddddd :(

so i'm half graduated.. which is exciting i guess. kind of post-graduation depressing. ok, a lot of post-graduation depressing is going on. the kind that happens when you realize the odds of you seeing most of the people who you'd call 'acquaintances', but you liked a bunch, ever again is about 0.01%. at most like 3%.

so sad. :(

at least the ceremonies and family stuff were fun and sort of exciting. and exciting in the way that i didn't get bored until 1 hour into the ceremony. after hour 1, it was kind of boring. and then sad. and now i am still sad.



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triple list

+ the smell of sheep/herd animals
+ erratic speed drivers (just make up your mind!! and let me pass you!!)
+ radio interference to my iTrip
+ lightning
+ gas prices ($3.17?!)
+ my windshield encountering countless insects
+ encompassing sadness that hit me after i left buffalo and some of the best friends i will ever have

+ a passing freight train
+ construction involving lane changes
+ sunshine
+ people who liked to make a caravan (drivers that begin to follow each other)
+ songs that i like to sing along to

+ how many times i listened to the same song
+ the number of cops i saw (6)
+ having the A/C on or the windows open


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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
whoop there it is

this girl downstairs is either dying or.. well she has to be dying because every 10 seconds (at least) she coughs part of her lung out - that's not normal. i wish she would either get better or hurry up and cough the rest of the lung out. either way, i want this disgusting coughing to stop. i don't think she sleeps because i know I can't sleep because she is coughing. look at my non-sympathy and horribleness.

can germs rise? because i'm pretty sure i will be infected w/dysteria (is that a disease? maybe whooping cough* is more apropos** to the situation) if its true. this girl needs some medical attention! or to be put down. what are her roommates doing? why aren't they attending to her medical needs? why arent they smothering her with a pillow until she coughs for the last time?

*i googled "can you cough up a lung" and that gave me no search results. so then i googled "lung cough", but that just brought me to a bunch of medical sites about whooping cough - did you know there is a Canadian Lung Association? they think of everything now!

**first of all, it took me at least 5 minutes to look up how to spell apropos. google was not helpful in the search (did you mean apricot? did you mean apropo? no, i did not fking mean rapport!). but aside from that, is apropos like the shortened version of appropriate? because thats sweet if one person started saying that and then it became high class. do you think 'toads' (short for totally) or 'the uje' (short for the usual) will be come high class? because that would be awesome.

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not worth your dime

hey guess what?! it's finals week, so what better to do than postpone studying by writing journal entry!

speaking of finals, i only have two left, or two at all during the week, which is the all-time low for finals. after that, i 'fake' graduate (w/accounting) and then i'm back home for recital! everyone's all mopey about graduating and never seeing people again, but i don't think i'll feel like that until next year when they're not here. that's kind of shallow. this entry sucks. i need a picture or something to try and fix it.

so yesterday, sara & i got the keys to our APARTMENT, or should i say, summer chateau? its pretty awesome:

343 huntington

well that didn't work, the entry still sucks. i'm sorry that i can't write interesting things:

itscait: i feel guilty about studing
itscait: becaus ei havent
neves: i want to take the exams so i can sell the books
itscait: sorry that sentence was retarded
neves: hahaha ehh its your last few days

this entry still sucks.

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