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i have a boyfriend/husband named nathan who loves video games. we get along great. about 7% of the time. any percentage greater is purely a curious statistical anomaly.
aww i love nate!

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Monday, February 19, 2007
gung HO!

so its still all snowy, but at least its like 30 degrees. its sad when you go outside and think 'hey, its pretty warm today', when it is still below freezing. but hey - with no wind, that means its like fifty degrees warmer than last week.

well valentine's day was good. nate gave me fat* and we spent the night playing a romantic two hours of dodgeball. which made me remember how out of shape i actually am. (in case you're wondering, it is VERY. i am VERY out of shape) so of course, i'm all like "let's start a brand new work-out regimen. two days of cardio, and the rest i'll do a billions sit-ups and crunches and push ups and..." i have this problem where whenever i decide to start some health thing i am determined to do it "all or none". so i screw up once, i just stop completely. you can find this mentality in all areas of my life. for instance, my room. i started organizing my desk, but got to something i couldn't find a place for, so i just stopped.

i was all gung-ho** about being healthy and doing good this week - after the upset at dodgeball last week, i went to the gym on tuesday (AT EIGHT THIRTY IN THE MORNING! i can't get up for class, but yet i can go to the gym. i amaze myself daily) and did some gym-stuff. i started doing pilates at night and last night i went to dodgeball. i started eating better and stuff and what does my body do? give me an effing cold! a big middle finger to you, body!

*ok, so he didn't give me like a huge tub of lard. it was actually two large tubs of coldstone ice cream. mmmm. then he weighed the tubs and told me i would gain 4 pounds if i ate it all at once. thank you nate. 2 pounds down, 2 to go! let me go enjoy my delicious weight gain.

**is that really how you spell gung-ho? i never thought about it before, but it felt really weird to type 'gung'. 'ho' was not hard to type.

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