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Friday, May 25, 2007
an open letter to m. nature

dear mother nature,

where was my 2-week notice? where was spring's eviction? is this how it works now, with you just letting summer start and rushing forward without giving us any notice at all? i'm sick of dealing with your bipolar tendencies - hot one week, cold the next. give me an even-temperatured week and i'll declare that you're sane.

for example, 'spring' semester you taunted us with that nice week of weather in the beginning of march. daylight savings time started and we thought all was well (hey, its light out earlier! i feel my depression lifting). then bam! more snow! a fking blizzard! why not?

wtf was that about?

and you're so undependable! when i got out of school and had a two-week "break" before i start work, you were nice, welcoming me on my drive across the state with sunny, 65 degree days and pollen-free rainbow roads. i got my hopes up and thought, this will be nice. you just like to prove me wrong and crush my spirits, you b*tch. its not supposed to frost at the end of may! its almost june for crying out loud!

but wait - you're saying that you remedied the cold? yeah, only with days like today where the sun melted the skin on my face clear off, only to be held on by the thick blanket of humidity. oh thank you SO much. i bet we just transition into this crappy hot weather without a pause in the nice 70-80 days. where were those days, tell me please, where was our "spring"?!

and now it looks like thunderstorms for memorial day weekend.

i think you're finally losing it, you old spiteful hag. completely nutso (or 'nutsack', as nate would say).

love, cait

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