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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
whoop there it is

this girl downstairs is either dying or.. well she has to be dying because every 10 seconds (at least) she coughs part of her lung out - that's not normal. i wish she would either get better or hurry up and cough the rest of the lung out. either way, i want this disgusting coughing to stop. i don't think she sleeps because i know I can't sleep because she is coughing. look at my non-sympathy and horribleness.

can germs rise? because i'm pretty sure i will be infected w/dysteria (is that a disease? maybe whooping cough* is more apropos** to the situation) if its true. this girl needs some medical attention! or to be put down. what are her roommates doing? why aren't they attending to her medical needs? why arent they smothering her with a pillow until she coughs for the last time?

*i googled "can you cough up a lung" and that gave me no search results. so then i googled "lung cough", but that just brought me to a bunch of medical sites about whooping cough - did you know there is a Canadian Lung Association? they think of everything now!

**first of all, it took me at least 5 minutes to look up how to spell apropos. google was not helpful in the search (did you mean apricot? did you mean apropo? no, i did not fking mean rapport!). but aside from that, is apropos like the shortened version of appropriate? because thats sweet if one person started saying that and then it became high class. do you think 'toads' (short for totally) or 'the uje' (short for the usual) will be come high class? because that would be awesome.

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