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aww i love nate!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
first day of school!

first day of school passed uneventful. sweet mother of buffalo greeted us with typical b-lo* style weather, dreary, cold and mostly damp. we did miss out on the wind, although i don't think anyone was complaining.

the best part of my day, however, was upon returning to my lovely dorm when i saw this sign:
"BE COURTEOUS of others
when playing the PIANO."
the sign went on to remind piano users (pianists**) of quiet hours and other stupid dorm nonsense. i just found the whole sign amusing. i can't imagine this sign being found in any other dorm other then perhaps like a music college (Crane, Oberlin, Bard, Berklee, etc.) where i'm sure these sort of signs occur with a non-parallelled frequency. "NO SINGING IN THE SHOWER BEFORE 10am" "TUBA-ING PROHIBITED IN THIS LOUNGE" etc. but in buffalo? nah.

although i would like to thank whoever plays their saxophone one building over to only want to practice like twice a semester. although you might get better if you practiced more, i would prefer not to hear the process.

*whenever i type b-lo, i can't escape thinking of the other consenant-lo variations, the most obvious and most comprehensive being j-lo. a-lo is reminiscant of the UK when said aloud, and now that i think of it, not too many other consenants really mean a whole lot. in fact, x-lo is the only other one i sort of like because it's like all of these variations thrown together in a pornographic fashion. say, 'maid in manhattan' meets 'debbie does dallas' in a enjoyable british romp.."lopez does london"?


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