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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
horse vagina.

so happy new year and all that stuff since i never did get around to writing it.

my new year's resolutions, you ask? (or didn't ask/care about/stfu, cait) well, now that i've written that, i'm not exactly sure. i guess i'd like to say i actually thought about bettering myself, but the truth is i don't really go for the resolution thing. it's only because i'd be setting myself up for failure. let's face it, i LIVE above the gym and have not set foot in it once this year. new year's resolutions are just asking for a little bit too much.

i did have an horrible daydream today. well it was more like a day-nightmare if that's possible. a daymare? that sounds like some kind of electronics brand. anyway! my day-dream-nightmare. i was thinking about dance recital themes (for instance this year our theme is 'world of dance', so the songs must relate to countries around the world). and i was thinking what kinds of dances would be in a 'current events/news' theme and all of a sudden i had this terrible image of a hurricane dance. (i know - i'm a heartless, inhumane b*tch! who thinks of these things!!)

the soloist would be dressed as a large cyclone with her mini-hurricane danc-- well maybe i should just show you:
hurricanve dance

its awful i know. maybe its because i just saw the producers and was inspired (hah!) by their springtime for hitler. who knows?!

oh, and on a good note, that horse vagina sold for $225.50.

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