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Thursday, March 30, 2006
sig fig pig dig big wig

i thought that the last post needed to be updated some.. more like i needed to explain my use of "weiner-jew". although the explanation of it is kind of worse than using it i think.

well nate and i were either watching "ashley parker angel" (or whatever that pathetic show of that kid who was in o-town--nate knows all the lyrics i might add) OR "meet the barkers" on mtv late one night. i think jeremy was there too, but anyone with jewbs kind of blend into the background. i think it was meet the barkers.

in any case, the bitchy woman in the show (both of them were pregnant - coincidence? is mr. barker getting around? cause someone with the names ashley AND angel cannot own a penis.) was making plans for a surprise party for her significant other* (now i'm pretty sure it was ashley parker fker show cause they were all like "ohh his favorite colors are red and black--let's decorate" and anyone who was in blink-182 is too cool to have favorite colors) and (can you follow this horribly constructed run-on sentence?!) was calling people to invite and she was calling one person:
"so, like, you'll be here at seven, cause we're totally having like the cutest party ever. i know ashley will be so happy to see you here since you two were in the band and now he has a tv show and you don't but its ok that you're even lower than some guy named ash--whaaaa? you're not coming? whyyyyyy! but he'll be soooo upset! hey! hello? weiner.


ok so that was a long story and it would've been much better short. just like all of my sentences. i suck.

*does anyone remember sig figs? ooh or "mole day"?! yay for high school** chemistry.

**although now i've offended those college students who still have to use sig figs. bahahaha stupid real major-ed people. can you imagine dancers needed to use sig figs? "heya sue, i would say that your turn sequence needs to be rounded up to about 20." ok i can't even make up a funny analogy so pretend that i did. stupid chemists.

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