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Friday, April 18, 2008
happy 200th post!!

after two straight tech weeks, i'm surprised i can still find my head in the morning.* so when i get home at 12:30am after doing wardrobe for 6 hours, the last thing i want to do is clear off my bed. so the usual procedure involves me pushing the crap to one side and then sleeping on the other.

so when i have a sleepover w/the dancers one night, i miss one of the clearing days and the whole system gets messed up. this is what happens:total chaos. but let's break this down a bit further...


1. winter jacket. have not worn in weeks. on my pillow.

2. backpack. ok, that's expected. ***nate stop reading or you will never want to take a nap in my bed again.***

3. tuesday's lunch in wegman's bag. ew. i'm sorry i am so gross. **really nate, stop.**

4. GARBAGE BAG. yes, a BAG of GARBAGE. on. my. bed.

5. notebook, sock. normal. (no the sock is not infested with some kind of horrible disease, as you would expect by now)

6. clean clothes!

7. other winter jacket.

8. purse. also acceptable.

9. makeshift sleeping bag from sleepover.

10. CAT. what? you couldn't see the cat?


there's the cat for ya.

so after i cleared everything off, you'd think i'd just dust off any dirt and be on with it, but this is what i found:


this right here is enough to give nate anxiety for two months. knitting NEEDLES. in the BED. they could POKE SOMEONE'S EYE OUT!!! and wait, there's more! a painful looking HEADBAND! OMGZ! and what are the SUNGLASSES doing in the bed?! you want me to crush them in my sleep?!

stella just looks on with disdain since i disturbed her sleeping spot.

* or make a coherent metaphor/hyperbole/sentence.

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